We, Azzurra Group S.r.l. società unipersonale (hereinafter “AZZURRA”), pay the utmost attention to the continuity, confidentiality, protection and security of the personal data concerning our customers, suppliers, collaborators and users of our website with whom we come into contact. In so doing, we pay specific attention to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (the “Regulation”), in terms of protecting personal data, and to current regulations for the sector.
You may consult our privacy policy below, which remains at the complete disposal of users to make them aware of the means with which we process personal data and the prescriptions we have adopted to ensure a high degree of protection for this data.

As per company policy, AZZURRA acquires, both in electronic as well as in paper form, that personal data which is strictly necessary to fulfil requests made by people with whom we come into contact, for the reasons for which the data was collected, providing specific information and, if necessary, seeking consent. Particular attention is paid in the case of especially personal data which is processed only when absolutely necessary.

AZZURRA has adopted the necessary security measures, both in terms of an organisational nature as well as a computerised one, in compliance with that provided for by the Regulation and by existing regulations. Specifically, in order to comply with EU Regulation 2016/679, AZZURRA has decided to adopt the following organisational measures:
  • to perform support functions relative to the application of EU Regulation 679/2016 (the “GDPR”), a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) has been appointed
  • personnel who process personal data have been authorised to perform such processing; they have been given specific training and are held to a training plan and regular updates;
  • for specific technical or organisational requirements, AZZURRA makes use of third parties to which the company entrusts part of its activities. These third parties assume the role authorised or are data processors in themselves;
  • to guarantee observance of the regulations and provisions set out, privacy managers may be appointed.

All the documentation and information found in the Privacy sections on this site are subject to being updated and supplemented, including as a function of the regulatory evolution in the sector. Modifications will be published on this website.

For comments or suggestions, you may email us at



This section is the advisory note on the processing of personal data pursuant to article 13 of the Regulation, aimed at those who interact with the services provided by AZZURRA through the internet and describes the means by which processing is done on the personal data of users who browse the AZZURRA websites that are accessible remotely at the following http and https addresses:

  • (redirected to
  • (redirected to
  • (redirected to
  • (redirected to
  • (redirected to
  • (redirected to
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  • (redirected to

This information does not apply to other sites, pages or services online that may be reached by a hypertext link from one of the above sites.

The Data Controller is Azzurra Group S.r.l. società unipersonale, with headquarters in Cecchini di Pasiano (PN), Via Codopè, 62 (IT-33087), Italy, which can be contacted for any clarification at

AZZURRA, in consideration of the activity performed and the data processed has appointed a data protection officer.

Browsing the site for the sole purpose of view the content does not require any explicit request for personal data. However, technologies are used that involve storing certain information regarding the tools used which, in some way, could be attributed to the user.

When browsing a site on the internet, it is technically possible, even without being explicitly registered at a website and without playing an active role therein, for certain information to be collected which, for these reasons, is defined as passive. Specifically, it involves IP addresses, cookies and other session identifiers, internet tags and navigation data and their use, including the possibility to exclude them and their relative implications, are described below.

As regards the passive collection of information, the site:

  • uses navigation data for statistical purposes only as aggregated data;
  • uses its own and third-party cookies and other session identifiers (technical and profiling cookies);
  • technical cookies are used in order to make browsing possible, or to the extent strictly necessary to supply the services requested by the user, in compliance with Directive 2002/58/EC, as implemented in the current privacy regulations. For these purposes, consent is not required from the user;
  • profiling cookies are used for statistical purposes - both in anonymous and non-anonymous form - in order to supply users with a service in accordance with their preferences, including any commercial profiling activity. It is possible to disable the use of cookies through the browser being used; in this case, navigating the website may be adversely affected. Any disabling of cookies can be done by referring to third-party websites through the link in AZZURRA’s cookie policy or by changing the settings in the browser being used, instructions for which may be found in the browser’s manual.

As regards the active collection of information (if envisaged), the following applies:

  • e-mail: data received via email contact from the site is used exclusively to respond to the user; this data will be kept only for statistical purposes and to verify the existence of any previous accesses; individual names may be entered into specific mailing lists upon the express consent of the user who wishes to receive, on a regular basis, certain documents (for example, news about products and services, commercial information, etc.).
  • registration: to access certain services, the site provides for the acquisition of data through a special form, subject to the user expressing his/her consent. This information is used exclusively to respond to the sender’s requests or to supply the services requested and not for other aims and, subject to consent, to analyse the products and services requested, including through automated processing, including profiling, with the aim of building a picture of the user’s behaviour and preferences and/or of improving the offer.
  • discussion spaces: in the event of "discussion spaces” on the site, behaviour rules will be defined; the data therein will not be used for other aims.

Data may be processed by parties operating on behalf of AZZURRA and by virtue of specific contractual provisions but only in EU member states.
Data may be communicated to third parties in order to fulfil legal obligations, in order to comply with instructions from public authorities or in order to exercise a company right in court. Azzurra has no intention of sending data to third-countries outside of the EU, nor to international organisations.

Data processes to provide web services will be stored by AZZURRA for the period of time strictly necessary to achieve this purposes.
Data processed to improve the user experience on the websites will be stored for the periods indicated in the Cookie Policy, which you can find in the dedicated area.

A data subject can learn which data is processed by AZZURRA and, where the conditions are met, can exercise various rights relative to the data’s use (right of access, correction, update, integration, deletion, right to limit processing, to data portability, to revoke consent to processing and to obtain a copy of their data where this data is kept in a country outside of the European Union, as well as to obtain an indication of the place in which the data is stored or sent) as well to oppose processing, for legitimate reasons, and, in any case, the use of data for commercial aims, in whole or in part, including with regard to the use of automated means by using one of the addresses indicated at the start of this advisory note. AZZURRA is also available to provide, upon request, the list of parties or categories of parties to whom data is sent or who might become aware of the data in their role as data processor.

Data subjects who believe that their personal data has been processed, as a result of this site, in breach of that provided for by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 have the right to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Authority, as provided for by article 77 of the same Regulation, or to apply to the appropriate judicial body (article 79 of the Regulation).

Some data can be regarded as indispensable and if missing may make it impossible to manage any existing relationship. Specifically:

  • failure to communicate the data required for the use of cookies leads to the consequences described in the dedicated area;
  • failure to communicate an email address when registering for the newsletter makes it impossible to deliver the said newsletter;
  • failure to communicate contact data in the form requesting this information makes it impossible to respond to certain types of request;
  • failure to communicate the personal data to access the reserved area makes it impossible to give access to the said area.

Azzurra does not use completely automated decision-making processes, with the exclusion of profiling cookies whose function is detailed in the dedicated area.

Further information on the purposes, origin and types of data processed, the communication scope and any distribution of the data is given in the following advisory notes, organised by purpose and category of data subject:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers




AZZURRA websites use cookies and similar technologies to guarantee the proper functioning of procedures, to improve the user browsing experience and to performing profiling activities for commercial aims.
This document gives information on the use of cookies and similar technologies, on how cookies are used within the AZZURRA sites and on the ways they are managed.
The use of cookies by the owner of this site is covered in the previous sections under “Introduction” and “Privacy advisory note pursuant to article 13 of the Regulation”, to which reference should be made.


Cookies are small text files that contain sets of information. Cookies are stored on the computer, tablet, smartphone or, more generically, on the device used to browse a site every time the site is visited.
At each subsequent visit, the browser sends these cookies to the website which had originally set them or to another site. Cookies let sites remember certain information to allow the user to browse online in a simple, quick way.Cookies are used for various reasons and have various characteristics. They can be used both by the owner of the site that is being visited as well as by third parties.



A list of the cookies used by AZZURRA on its websites is given below

Title Ok cookie policy
Type Technical
Values ok-cookie-policy
Description Used to remember whether the user of the site has accepted the site’s cookie policy.
Title Front-end session cookies
Type Session
Values routeid_azzurrabagni
This type of cookie is needed for the site’s correct functioning. Without this cookie, the site or some portions of the site may not work properly.
The user has the option of removing these cookies through his/her browser’s functions.
Title Cookie di sessione back-end
Type Session
Values Wosid, woinst
Description Session cookie used only for back-end uses.
Title Google Analytics
Type Analytical
Values _gat_xtro, _ga, __utmz, __utmt_b, __utmc, __utmb, __utma
Records information on how visitors user the website, their visit details and where they come from.
More details on this type of cookie may be found on the following pages:



Providing data is optional.
The user who browses AZZURRA websites consents to provide data through cookies if one of the following is performed by the same user:

  • he/she clicks on the OK button in the banner;
  • he/she clicks on any other point on the page;
  • he/she scrolls the page.

The user may set up his/her browser so that he/she receives a warning on the presence of a cookie and may decide whether or not to accept it. The user may also delete these cookies through the functionality made available by each browser used to access the internet. Specific instructions on how to do this are given in the browser’s manual.
We point out that in addition to the tools provided by the browser, it is also possible to use the tools provided by the site:


Cookies can be kept for various periods of times depending on the purposes for which they are processed by AZZURRA, or by third parties, in compliance with privacy regulations that are applicable from time to time. Our temporary session cookies are enabled for the duration of the session. Our permanent cookies are valid for a period up to 24 months, whilst for third-party cookies, the storage time is indicated by the same third parties on their respective websites, which are accessible through the dedicated links in the table regarding the cookies used and/or by consulting and

AZZURRA, in any case, reserves the right to modify, partially or wholly, the Privacy Policy or to simply update the contents of it (for example, following a change to an applicable law). The company will publish every update on this website.





AZZURRA operates in compliance with EU Regulation 2016/679 and European legislation. The information contained in AZZURRA emails is private and confidential. Using this information is permitted exclusively for the recipient of the message, for the purposes indicated in the same message. AZZURRA does not authorise the distribution of the content to third parties without explicit written authorisation.
If you are not the person to whom this message has been sent, we ask that you inform us of the fact and to delete this email from your system as well as to destroy any copies or printouts. Any improper use of the content is contrary to the principles of EU Regulation 2016/679 and European legislation (Directive 2002/58/EC).


Emails sent by AZZURRA are as a result of your direct request or as a result of the need to fulfil contractual obligations or legal obligations or as a result of your registration to a newsletter. If this is not the case, you may send a request to change or to delete your details from our database by contacting and attaching a copy of the email that was not requested.


AZZURRA has carried every possible check to ensure that emails sent from our system are free of malware. It is, however, recommended that all emails are processed by applying proper procedures to ensure that the message is appropriate for use.




Azzurra, in any case, reserves the right to modify, partially or wholly, the Privacy Policy or to simply update the contents of it (for example, following a change to an applicable law). The company will publish every update on this website.



Advisory note on and consent to the use of cookies
This site uses its own and third-party cookies to improve the user experience and to give you a service in accordance with your preferences. To find out more, click on the Extended Advisory Note.
By clicking OK or by continuing to browse you are giving your consent to the use of cookies.