The laundry is a very important space, which is more frequently used than one would normally think. Thanks to LIME WASH, this environment has taken on a fresh look, adding a room to the home, perfectly capable of welcoming us and our guests. By redefining this space, the collection adds value to the entire home. In a completely redefine spatial context, LIME WASH also surprises with its ergonomic details and special functions, making domestic activities more convenient, and faster.
 Style, ergonomics and multiple solutions for the best possible use of space: LIME WASH transforms a room dedicated to chores, to a pleasant space in the home.

Special features

Lime wash_caratteristiche speciali.jpg

The open LIME WASH structures feature Tecnoril water-repellent feet. The floor-standing elements feature 3 cm high plinths in aluminium or wheels (optional). In all cases, the elements are raised off the floor
Lime wash_caratteristiche speciali2.jpg

Heavy-duty metal elements with “Step” processing characterise the look and the resistance of the modules provided with comfortable shelves

Rail for hangers, indoor lighting (optional) and thickness 6 cm for wardrobe columns
Lime wash_caratteristiche speciali4.jpg

The attention to detail in the LIME WASH elements is evident in the detail of the laundry container bags made of fabric

Lime wash_caratteristiche speciali5.jpg

Comfortable wheeled drawers, included in the LIME WASH compositions allows to store laundry or detergents according to needs
Lime wash_caratteristiche speciali6.jpg

The wheeled drawers, which can be used for different materials always match with the look of the selected composition

Lime wash_caratteristiche speciali7.jpg

High load capacity and great attention to detail are the features of the wall units with chromed steel wire shelves

Lime wash_caratteristiche speciali8.jpg

Elements provided with built-in removable ironing board and metal shelves for shoes may be inserted in the composition
Lime wash_caratteristiche speciali9.jpg

The laundry tub features a movable perforated board, offering a triple function: sink, laundry and wash tub

Impressive resilience and sturdiness in the 6 cm thick LIME WASH portal with “Step” workmanship and above-top laundry tub

Open tall units and tall units with hinged or folding doors are available to house electrical appliances
Lime wash_caratteristiche speciali12.jpg

Sturdy 6 cm thickness for open tall units, which house baskets on wheels and electrical appliances
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