Essential forms complemented by experienced style, details that add value and a strong overall character. This is the Azzurra LIME Ø collection, a system of elements linked by the use of a handle, a practical detail that often becomes a strong and characterising symbol. An aesthetic symbol that can be selected from a range of proposals, allowing endless possibilities to personalise the composition. To guarantee yet another bathroom design option, LIME Ø elements are also available with a push pull opening system, to open doors with a simple touch.
Lime Ø_1
LIME Ø, a private world that tells a story of elements and value details.

Special features

LIME0_caratt. speciali1.jpg

The sides of the open wall units can be metallic
LIME0_caratt. speciali2.jpg

Metal accessories in the same colour as the open wall unit sides
LIME0_caratt. speciali3.jpg

Mirrors with design lamps and removable magnifying mirror
Lime10_caratteristiche speciali_15.jpg

The wall unit can have an open end element only partially covered by the door
Lime10_caratteristiche speciali_12.jpg

Therapy wall mirror with courtesy lighting, an integrated LED light and sliding steel shelves
Lime10_caratteristiche speciali_18.jpg

LIME Ø can also include an innovative open side unit in metal, on which to rest a top in the user’s preferred finish

Riquadro wall mirror, with backlit shelf and convenient supports for lots of little objects

The possibility to combine wall units with varying depths allows the development of an intriguing play of volumes
Lime20_caratteristiche speciali_10.jpg

A design trick that offers a “suspended” effect, despite the element being rested on the floor
Lime wash_caratteristiche speciali-9.jpg

A touch of elegance with the possibility to match the Sasso wall mirror with the coordinated handle

The Fly handle lacquered in the same finish and colour as the door, design and discretion

Stylise the bathroom with a carefull selection of handles, in combination with the door finishes 

Elements with handle can be matched with elements featuring smooth doors and a push-pull opening

Special solutions featuring a curved layout add movement and sensuality to the bathroom

The top, front and structure of the unit can be in the same material in HPL, Ecomalta and Fenix 

Some tops in trendy materials are offered with sinks designed exclusively for Azzurra
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