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Just like city skyscrapers, Climb Free wall units develop their potential in open vertical elements, and just like an array of windows looking out to the world, offer the chance to display a selection of beauty products.

The balance of the composition is played out through the clever alternation between full and empty, further enhanced by the strikingly thick top with HPL Unicolor Pulpis scuro veining, where the Blade washbasin in Bianco ceramic finds the perfect resting place.

Box-type Top, Th. 13 cm in HPL Unicolor Pulpis Scuro with Blade 06 sit-on ceramic washbasin in matt Bianco, th. 5 mm.

Look organiser shelf with shelves in matt Metallised Creta painted metal.

Loop backlit mirror with Two-face rialzato light H 30 cm

Climb free open wall units in Dekorativo 3D Cemento Cenere.

Front panel with Jey integrated handle in matt lacquered Tortora.

Top variation, th. 13 cm in Bianco matt Ocritech with Orion 80 integrated washbasin W. 80 cm


  • Dekorativo 3D
    Dekorativo 3D

    32 finishes

  • Lacquered colours, soft-touch, metal
    Lacquered colours, soft-touch, metal

    66 finishes

  • HPL Unicolor
    HPL Unicolor

    12 finishes

J&T | 06

J&T | 06 Lime 1.0
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