solutions for the laundry room

The laundry is a very important space, which is more frequently used than one would normally think. Thanks to LIME WASH, this environment has taken on a fresh look, adding a room to the home, perfectly capable of welcoming us and our guests. By redefining this space, the collection adds value to the entire home.

In a completely redefine spatial context, LIME WASH also surprises with its ergonomic details and special functions, making domestic activities more convenient, and faster.


  • The open LIME WASH structures feature Tecnoril water-repellent feet. The floor-standing elements feature 3 cm high plinths in aluminium or wheels (optional). In all cases, the elements are raised off the floor.

  • Impressive resilience and sturdiness in the 6 cm thick LIME WASH portal with “Step” workmanship and above-top laundry tub.

  • The laundry tub features a movable perforated board, offering a triple function: sink, laundry and wash tub.

  • Comfortable wheeled drawers, included in the LIME WASH compositions allows to store laundry or detergents according to needs.

  • Rail for hangers, indoor lighting (optional) and thickness 6 cm for wardrobe columns.

  • Elements provided with built-in removable ironing board and metal shelves for shoes may be inserted in the composition.



  • Dekorativo 3D
    Dekorativo 3D

    32 finishes

  • Lacquered colours, soft-touch, metal
    Lacquered colours, soft-touch, metal

    66 finishes

  • HPL Unicolor
    HPL Unicolor

    12 finishes


Materials, finishes, colours and modularity: infinite combinations

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