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The style of the bathroom is strongly influenced by the choice of the washbasin which is showcased with different connotations depending on whether the integrated or countertop solution is chosen.

In this proposal, Blade takes centre stage on the countertop in sophisticated matt Cenere ceramic with slimline edges or the Morris variation in Bianco Mineralmarble in which the base seems to blend with the HPL Unicolor Pulpis chiaro top. The Climb and Climb Free series open wall units create eye-catching, attractive modular walls like architectural sculptures on which to place all your possessions.

Luna Free mirror with curved profile in Bianco Painted Aluminium and LED lighting

Morris washbasin variation in matt Mineralmarbre Bianco with drain lid “Cover” in HPL Pulpis chiaro like the box-type top, Th. 13 cm


  • Dekorativo 3D
    Dekorativo 3D

    32 finishes

  • Lacquered colours, soft-touch, metal
    Lacquered colours, soft-touch, metal

    66 finishes

  • HPL Unicolor
    HPL Unicolor

    12 finishes

  • Wooden essences
    Wooden essences

    10 finishes

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