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The originality of the Kros wall units is expressed in the way the individual elements are combined, characterised by the oblique cut of the back panels. Their layout creates suggestive symmetries and asymmetries of suspended volumes. The versatility of composition makes way for new opportunities to furnish bathrooms with a distinctive style. Thin vertical metal partitions subdivide the visible space, interspersed with the shelves in Dekorativo 3D Pietra Piasentina.

Loop LED mirror Ø 90 cm and magnifying mirror.

Top Th 1.2 with Quadra integrated washbasin W. 60 Deimos Stone Text Grigio Cemento.

Kros wall units with side panel in matt Bianco painted metal, back panel and shelves in Dekorativo 3D Pietra Piasentina Grigio chiaro.

Base units with Jey integrated handle on front in Dekorativo 3D Noce Tavola Antico chiaro.


  • Dekorativo 3D
    Dekorativo 3D

    32 finishes

  • Lacquered colours, soft-touch, metal
    Lacquered colours, soft-touch, metal

    66 finishes

  • HPL Unicolor
    HPL Unicolor

    12 finishes

J&T | 02

J&T | 02 Lime 1.0
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