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The Lime 3.0 composition is articulated following the architecture through columns with aluminium frame doors in Black, dressed in a splendid Fumé glass that allows a glimpse of its contents with sober elegance.

The Cleo wall units and open columns are finished with a refined Black painted metal side panel and equipped with HPL Pulpis chiaro shelves, allowing the view of delicate natural veins, interspersed between the shiny surfaces of the smoked glass. High-performance contrasts of texture.

The extreme formal rigour of the lines of this Lime 3.0 composition can be seen in the 45° side panel and in the attractive design of the integrated washbasin in HPL Unicolor Pulpis Chiaro.

_____01 Base Units in Rovere Cenere
veneered Wood (06D)

_____03 Upper Groove in Rovere
Cenere veneered Wood (06D)

_____04 Top th. 1,2 cm with SCIVOLO
integrated washbasin L.70 cm,
HPL Pulpis chiaro (TKH)

_____06 Columns with painted Nero
matt (203) Aluminium Frame Door,
with smoked glass (04F)

_____07 CLEO Wall Units and Open
Columns, Nero painted metal
side panel (203), back panel and
shelves in HPL Pulpis chiaro (TKH)

_____08 Rettangolare Mirror
L. 115 + 50 H. 140 cm


  • Dekorativo 3D
    Dekorativo 3D

    32 finishes

  • Lacquered colours, soft-touch, metal
    Lacquered colours, soft-touch, metal

    66 finishes

  • HPL Unicolor
    HPL Unicolor

    12 finishes

  • Wooden essences
    Wooden essences

    10 finishes


02 Lime 3.0
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