Washbasins integrated into the tops

This collection proposes the integrated top-basin combination in the same material for a seamless, aesthetic look. There are four types of basin, all available in the same number of thicknesses (1, 6, 10 and 13 cm).

White ceramic and wood finish combined in a contemporary, tasteful classic look.

The choice of the interior is possible with some materials white Tecnoril basin.
Washbasin collection with over fifty different shapes.

Vasca Scivolo in HPL Unicolor

Vasca Scivolo in Gres

Vasca Quadra in Deimos stone

Vasca Prisma in Fenix

Vasca Syntesi in Tekorlux

Vasca Rettangolo in Gelcolor matt

Vasca Strip in Tecnoril

Vasca Rayo in Ocritech

Countertop/under-counter basins

Countertop/under-counter basins
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