Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0


innovation for high
quality standards.

Azzurra Group follows the evolution of the market and its opportunities by continuously updating its production processes and embracing the Industry 4.0 revolution to meet the criteria of quality and traceability of every single piece through computerisation. This enables the company to compete in international markets and to dialogue with all operators and production phases, from order intake to turnkey project delivery.

Panel cross-cutting,
trimming and
edge-banding plant.

Technology 4.0 starts with panel crosscutting and multiple labelling of each panel. A unique barcode is applied to each component before it is cut, identifying it so that the subsequent trimming and edge-banding stages are carried out automatically.

and painting

Processing is carried out using sophisticated equipment capable of sanding to the tenth of a millimetre, making the surface velvety smooth. Painting is automated in the spraying and drying phases, in the colour changes and in the washing of the guns, which are carried out with computerised control of the individual phases. Each panel is tracked both in and out of the plant.

5-Axis Working

The 5-axis Working Centre concentrates the most complicated special operations in a single automated system. This enables us to carry out special and craftwork operations that used to be carried out by external suppliers.

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